Lara Schroeder – Blue Dress
Photographer: Jen Leheny
I took some shots of Canberra model Lara Schroeder as part of a group photographer’s shoot at This Studio. Makeup was done by Samara Gentle.  Loving the blue dress with the golden glow of her beautiful hair.
These photos were taken as part of a group photo shoot organised by This Studio in Canberra, where a few photographers, a few models (and sometimes a makeup artist and/or hair stylist) meet up to take some studio shots and all get something great for their portfolios.  It’s a great way to make a few connections and try some new ideas out.

When I processed the shots, I really emphasised her red/orange hair and the blue of her dress as these two colours are complementary and really work so well together.  The lighting was kept fairly simple and you can see the hair light that has been used to brighten and separate her hair from the background.
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